Clinical Applications in Laser Dentistry

2 day Advanced Workshop


Few technologies in dentistry are as fun as lasers, therefore we enjoy teaching this exciting subject which is revolutionising the industry, hence we ourselves have not been able to stop studying the subject that keeps growing our clinical repertoire.

Format of the 2 day workshop

  • A detailed, focused and interactive laser training workshop covering the various fields of laser-supported dentistry (Resto-rative, Perio, Implantology, Endo, Surgical, Biostimulation and more)
  • Lectures and Case Discussions supported by scientific informa-tion on a foundation of laser science
  • A ’Hands-On’ component between each speciality
  • Each delegate to perform the laser procedure / technique on ’Sheep’s Heads’ to ensure hard- and soft-tissue experience using an All-Tissue Laser (Er,Cr:YSGG 2,780nm) and Soft Tissue Laser (Diode 940nm)

During this 2 day advanced workshop you will learn about:

•     Basic physics
•     Simulation
•     Soft Tissue & Frenectomy
•     Hands-on: Soft Tissue
•     Photobiomodulation Physics & PBM Calculations & Clinical
•     Hands-on: Cavity Prep
•     Periodontics 
•     Laser Safety 
•     Crown Lenghtening
•     Hands-on: Endo
•     Hands-on: Crown Lengthening / Hard & Soft



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