Creating the High-Performance Practice

Clinical Predictability and Improved Productivity

When transitioning to a high-performance practice, one of the greatest challenges is the creation of an organized process from the time a patient first calls the practice to the delivery of optimum restorative dentistry. In order for this to happen, not only the technical abilities of the dentist have to grow, but the organizational, managerial and communication skills of the entire team have to do so as well.

This presentation is designed for the dentist and the key team members from the business and clinical staff. The purpose is for the team to come home with a unified vision of how to schedule, knowledge of the specific roles of each team member in the new patient process, the required verbal skills for both phone calls and the chair side and a programmed approach to case presentation.

This comprehensive curriculum incorporates the experience and knowledge of established dental practice management techniques and will prepare you and your team to:

  • Improve practice profitability.
  • Deliver more efficient and effective patient care.
  • Raise employee morale.
  • Increase patient satisfaction.
  • Position your practice for success in the changing dental care environment.

You will learn:

  • To understand the concept of Complete Dentistry.
  • To understand the elements of the complete examination process, including how to conduct a co-diagnostic examination that will uncover every factor that could potentially put the dentition at risk and how to professionally illustrate these problems to the patient.
  • To develop a step by step approach to treatment planning.                 
  • How to introduce existing patients in your practice to the concept of a comprehensive dental examination.
  • How to schedule and orchestrate the New Patient/Records gathering visit.
  • How to conduct an interview with a new patient, and why this is a critical step with every new patient.
  • How the team can use photography to uncover the wants of the patient.
  • How to charge appropriate fees for each step of the examination and records process.
  • How to schedule the case presentation appointment, and who must be present at this visit.
  • How to organize the schedule for increased productivity, increased efficiency and decreased stress.
  • How to make time for larger cases while still paying attention to the necessary operative dentistry that is the cornerstone of every general practice.
  • About the necessary verbal skills to professionally speak with patients who are looking for a new dentist, shopping for fees or need to cancel their appointment.
  • How to successfully market your practice to attract patients who are actually looking for the type of treatment offered in your practice.