Dr. Jason Smithson - Minimally Invasive Smile Design with Direct Resin - Hands-on Course

From First Planning to Final Product: Minimally  Invasive Smile Design with Direct Resin

This is your chance to learn from a true master with heavy emphasis on hands-on exercises throughout this 2 day full hands-on course.


Course Description

When a patient presents with multiple aesthetic issues: worn teeth, discoloured teeth, peg laterals; where do you begin?

Planning complex aesthetic solutions can be both confusing and overwhelming.

This class offers a simple step-by-step approach using Facial Generated Treatment Planning (FGTP) to create a rapid diagnostic mock up on models then transfer this effortlessly to  the patient’s mouth.

The mock up is then modified in the mouth for aesthetics, function, and phonetics (speech) and then removed and duplicated in direct composite resin in the patient’s mouth.

This approach means that we begin with both the dentist and patient on the same page which results in increased satisfaction for the patient and reduced stress for the dentist. Complaints and retreatment become a thing of the past.

This comprehensive class takes the delegate from initial consultation to final delivery of final direct composite restorations using a biomimetic approach on worn teeth, discoloured teeth, and a peg lateral.


What You Will Learn:

  • Functional Smile Design - a roadmap for aesthetic dentistry.
  • A predictable approach to reconstruct Tooth Surface Loss and create functional occlusions with direct resin.
  • The diagnosis and treatment of microdontia.
  • How to manage a peg lateral with direct composite and create a “wow” restoration with natural incisal edge effects.
  • Tooth discoloration: white and brown spots and the non-vital tooth. How to manage these issues.

Friday Morning

Theory Part

The therotical part will equip the delegates with usefull theoretical knowledge to use in the different hands-on sessions.

Among other things we will look at diffrent kinds of materials, equipment and techniques sprinkled with some nice tips and tricks to be used in general for the hands-on sessions.

Friday Afternoon

Hands-on Part 1

Restore a peg lateral incisor with direct resin using a simple, elegant approach which is predictable and confers significant time-saving advantages over traditional layering protocols.

Networking Dinner Friday Evening at a Michelin Starred Restaurant

Restaurant to be announced...

Saturday Morning

Hands-on Part 2

Mask and restore a discoloured upper lateral incisor using direct resin using varying opacities of resin to mask the discoloration yet maintain a lifelike level of translucency.

Saturday Afternoon

Hands-on Part 3

Create an attractive intra-oral mock up in minutes: modify the mock up effortlessly and use it to fabricate a palatal stent.

Restore a central incisor with TSL : a buccal and palatal direct resin veneer.

Dr. Jason Smithson - Hands-on Course Program


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