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IAS ClearSmile Aligner - Hands-on Certification Course

Level 1: Theory and hands-on

ClearSmile Aligner 2.0 system is a series of transparent aligners used to correct malpositioned teeth. Manufactured from an exclusive stretch-resistant, intelligent material and custom made for each patient, the ClearSmile Aligner 2.0 uses small amounts of forces precisely positioned to gently and progressively correct dental misalignment. 

The ClearSmile Aligner 2.0 works hand in hand with other IAS Academy appliances by using the same diagnostic approach. Each ClearSmile Aligner is usually worn for 7-10 days before switching to the next. The system will incrementally reposition the teeth into the desired final position, until alignment is completed. Treatment times vary.

    Key features of ClearSmile Aligner

    ClearSmile Aligner 2.0 can satisfy your patients’ demands, whilst offering you better predictability and accuracy of movement, ultimately delivering better results. It provides:

    • Virtual digital planning for predictable outcomes.
    • Precise 3D manufacturing.
    • Exclusive stretch-resistant intelligent material.
    • Biomechanical Indices for ideal staging.
    • Custom made Force DriversTM for individual tooth control.
    • Shared diagnostic protocols with other IAS products such as Inman Aligner and ClearSmile Brace.


    You are urged to bring at least two potential patients models and photos to discuss and assess either live or in private in order to start the journey straight away after the course and activate your learning curve immediately.


    Morning - the program is mainly theoretical.

    What is ClearSmile Aligner. 
    Understanding the system.
    Digital assessment and diagnosis.
    Case selection.
    Digital record submission.
    Spacewize+TM and 3D scanning.
    Dr./Patient journey.
    Treatment commencement.

    Afternoon - includes extensive hands-on sessions with expert assistance

    Hands-on section.
    IPR performance.
    Force DriverTM bonding.
    Identify Aligner’s path of insertion.
    Monitoring appointments.
    Troubleshooting techniques.
    Busting the myth.
    Case discussion and live demonstration.


    • Dr. Asif Chatoo