Dr. Ian Buckle - Essential Course 1: Examination, Records & Splints

The Essential Course Hands-on Series

The Essential Course Hands-on series of courses teaches dentists how to examine, diagnose, treatment-plan, and treat every patient.

Covering simple to complex cases, the course is taught over three comprehensive two-day modules, with the majority of time focussed on hands-on training and implementation.

The courses are held in English by Dr. Ian Buckle.


About the Essential Course 1:

A comprehensive examination is the basis of every treatment plan. It is also the key to avoiding failure and managing patient expectations. 


During the course you will learn:
•    How to take an effective history
•    The 6 keys to a comprehensive examination: Teeth – Function – Periodontal - Cancer – Airway - Aesthetics
•    Photography as a record, to aid patient engagement and treatment planning
•    How to find and record a Stable Condylar Position (centric relation)
•    How and when to mount models – analogue and digital
•    Patient communication – summary of findings
•    How to discover if the patient is a “biological” patient or a “comprehensive” patient
•    Smile design basics and how to use digital technology to quickly help the patient understand the possibilities
•    The power of the Additive Mockup Smile (ADDm©) 
•    Which splint to use in every situation
•    How to fabricate, fit and adjust a mid point splint
•    How to fabricate, fit and adjust a full coverage splint

To aid continued learning and progress you will be given an assignment to be completed before the next module.




Comwell Roskilde
Vestre Kirkevej 12
4000 Roskilde
Comwell Roskilde
Vestre Kirkevej 12
4000 Roskilde