Dr. Jason Smithson - Hands-on: Modern Ceramic Concepts

- minimally invasive solutions to the broken down tooth

Heavily broken down, structurally compromised teeth are conventionally restored with indirect full coverage ceramic crowns with horizontal chamfer or shoulder margins.

This approach is well based in the literature and has been successful over time. However, it often requires significant preparation of the remaining tooth structure, which may result in pulp necrosis, root fractures and periodontal problems.

Dr. Smithson’s class aims to illustrate a more contemporary minimally invasive approach with partial ceramic onlays and ceramic veneers to retain tooth structure and extend the overall lifespan of the tooth.

The concept of “Vertical Crown Margin” is also explored to recover and preserve ferrule in the fragile endodontically treated tooth and preserve vitality in teeth with significant recession.

The course is devided into two parts:

Full day Friday: Theory parts with no limit on delegates

Full day Saturday: Hands-on Parts with 24 delegates max (need to have attended Friday)

Friday - Full day - Theory Part

You will learn:


  • Biomechanics, how do teeth behave in function- The “Peripheral Rim Theory” and the importance of Rainey’s Ridge and Web in preparation design.
  • Minimally invasive cavity preparations. Why preservation of tooth structure is critical to long-term success.
  • Immediate Dentin Sealing and Gingival Margin Elevation: new concepts for the 21st century.
  • Preparation designs for partial coverage adhesive restorations



  • The Ferrule Effect and the restoration of the endodontically treated tooth (to include the post-core foundation)
  • The vertical margin- a historical prospective
  • Horizontal vs. vertical margins for crowns- which approach is best and when
  • Instrumentation- an armamentarium to optimize your workflow.



  • When are feldspathic veneers optimal and when might you consider lithium disilicate.
  • Which ingot is best for which situation
  • A simple rapid and accurate preparation protocol
  • How to place amazing provisionals efficiently to test drive the aesthetics of your case.
  • How to avoid the “black scuzz” beneath your temporaries
  • Cementation and conditioning the ceramic: silane and HF etching
  • Costing the case and fees

Saturday - Full day - Hands-on Parts

Vertical Crown - hands-on

  • Prepare an upper central incisor for a crown with vertical margins.
  • Fabricate a provisional crown to accurately condition the tissues.

Onlay - hands-on

  • Partial Coverage Ceramic Onlay with Immediate Dentin Seal and Margin Elevation (Molar)

Veneers  - hands-on

  • Prepare 2 teeth for ceramic veneers

And in between much, much more, tips and tricks...



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Hammerichsgade 1
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