Inman / Clear Aligner IAS Update & Introduction Course

Update course for former Inman Aligner users

During the past years a lot of development with the Inman Aligner course and within the IAS Academy has occurred. During this day you will get all the new tips and tricks from the latest courses. However, the course is both a refresher of key points in doing Inman Aligner and Clear Aligner treatments as well as an introduction, if you haven’t used the system before or simply want to start doing treatments again.

We will focus on the basic IAS Academy treatment philosophy including the core of proper orthodontic treatment planning: The orthodontic assessment form.

New structures of mentoring are also in place and you will learn how to use the new forum to get your very personalized mentoring moving forward. In other word: How we help you before, during and after treatment of your patients.

You are urged to bring potential cases of your own patients. Bring models and photos and the lecture will have a look and guide you on the case.

This course is an update course for former Inman Aligner users, but also serves as an introduction to the IAS Academy and some of the appliances, including Inman and Clear Aligners.

Each course is taught in the local Scandinavian language by the local Inman Aligner/Aligner Light trainer.

Programme of the day

9.00-10.30 Welcome
Global Orthodontic Assessment Form – the foundation of orthodontic treatment planning
Planning for occlusion and function
Archwize - Updated tool to help your treatment planning
IPR/PPR revisited – New tools to help you do the correct amount
11.00-12.30 CSA Light – certification and protocol update
New website – easier and more intuitive to use and navigate
How to use the Forum – this is how you get help and use your IAS mentors
Lab presentation – where and how to send cases
12.30-13.30 Lunch
13.30-15.30 What are good starter cases – crawl before you walk and walk before you run.
Q&A / Delegates are urged to bring own cases in terms of models and photos of potential cases
IAS Pathway – different tools for different kind of alignment cases
IAS Mentoring – Get help no matter which alignment system you use – also non-IAS appliances