HR services

We have a close collaboration with Chris Grew, an expert in HR and communication who offers different workshops and services within this field. We call it "DentaNet's HR and Communication Packages" which consist of a number of workshops and services which you yourselves put together based on the needs and wishes of the clinic. The following workshops and services can be used separately or consecutively. Chris Grew helps you customize the clinic's "DentaNet HR and Communication Package" for you to get the most optimal personal benefits.

We have split HR and Communication up into 5 different themes which can all assist in optimizing the daily running of the clinic.

Patient Communication

Patient communication is based on how you at the clinic associate with your patients. Your body language, correspondence, and manner of communication have a great influence on whether the patient gets a good experience. It is also through your patient communication that you build up trust with the patients.

Patients as Ambassadors

The Ambassador Effect is an effective and cheap kind of marketing. A personal recommendation from an acquaintance, a friend, or a family member is far more valuable for the patients than the clinic's own communication as trust is handed over through the acquaintance. The Ambassador Effect is thus much more successful in attracting new, highly motivated patients to the clinic.

Hypnosis as a Tool

Hypnosis is far more than deep trances and phobias. Hypnosis is a tool which can be used in all kinds of examinations and treatments. It is all about creating the right environment and applying the correct linguistic preconditions, which to a wide extent will support the patients in getting the best experience possible.

The Team

Patients can immediately sense whether the mood and atmosphere at the clinic are good or bad, and it will affect their experience of the dentist appointment. In order to create good patient experiences it is necessary to have a well-functioning team who are happy, engaged, and motivated to offer a good service.


The running of a clinic is mostly about managing the staff in a way that keeps up motivation and job satisfaction. A good leader creates the right setting for a pleasant work environment where good results arise. You will get the tools to lead from your own personal leadership style and help for change management, strategies etc.

Practical Information

Everything takes place at your own clinic

The different workshops and services are held at your own clinic in order for exercises and situations to take place in usual and comfortable settings and hence become as relevant and true as possible. The entire staff is involved in the different workshops and services in order for everyone to get an idea of the concepts and principles. This creates a better implementation of the new initiatives and change of habits in the flow of work at the clinic. To obtain the best learning there will be alternated between classes, exercises. cases. dialogue, and reflection. Every team member actively participates during the process for you to gain a high level of skills and be ready to apply your new knowledge directly in your practice.


Date and time

You decide the date and time - even if it is after opening hours. Dependent on the size of the team as well as the needs and wishes, the length of the different workshops and services varies.



As a member of DentaNet, you get a 10% discount. It is possible to combine several workshops and services as well as to order them as a package deal. The price depends on the number of delegates as it has an influence on preparation time, teaching, follow-up, exercises, and materials. You are always welcome to have a non binding conversation with Chris Grew and get an estimate of price.



If you wish to book Chris Grew for a non binding conversation, workshops, services, consultancy advice, or speeches, simply contact Peter Lembke Gerdes on