Laser Dentistry: The all-round dental practice experience - hands-on

Lasers have long been considered an effective method for regular endodontic applications such as smear layer removal and disinfection. However, on a everyday basis we need to deal with challenging situations such as canal sclerosis, extensive Apical Periodontitis, Abcesses, referred failures, iatrogenic damages (i.e. perforations, broken instruments), etc, for which traditional techniques are far to cope in a predictable way.

Experience a full day of real clinical scenarios where lasers can be used with simplicity for all kind of applications with unprecedented results.

We will especially dive into issues and use for:

  • Perio
  • Endo
  • Surgery


Theory and Hands-on Set-up - 1,5 days

We will have a full Friday with theory and cases and if you want to join us for hands-on we have organized an intense hands-on session half a day Saturday where you will choose what to try out. Limited number of delegates applies to the Saturday due to the learning outcome and support.

It is possible to participate only in the Theory parts Friday at a reduced fee compared to the 1,5 days.

Friday morning 9.00-12.30 - Theory Part

940nm and 2780nm lasers in operative and pediatric dentistry, periodontology , surgery, implantology and orthodontics.

During this part you will learn:

  • To understand basic biophysical laser tissue-interactions. 
  • How and why to select a laser or a combination of lasers. 
  • Conventional dentistry limitations and advantages of lasers in all dentistry fields. 
  • Laser selection and performance in soft and hard-tissue management: tips and tricks.

Friday - afternoon 13.30-17.00 - Theory Part

Focus on lasers in endodontics & apical surgery

During this part you will learn:

  • To understand the limitations of conventional endodontics
  • The Er,Cr:YSGG laser and endodontic Radial Firing Tips: the laser breakthrough. 
  • Combination of lasers: why and when.
  • Unique advantages: debris and smear-layer removal, deep dentin disinfection and laser-induced apical drainage.
  • How to handle: Root resorpions, complex anatomies, persistent infections, iatrogenic damages, lost-case scenarios, etc.  
  • Cost-Effectiveness analysis.

Saturday morning 9.00-12.30 - Hands-on Part

All-round personalized Hands-On training according to each participant's interest.

Let us know your favorite topic(s) or routine procedures, so you can experience (under individualized supervision, tips & tricks) the wonderfull world of laser-assisted dentistry. Topics among others can be endo, surgery or perio.

In general you will during these hands-on lectures also learn:

1) To understand the basic methods of operation for each laser. 

2) The basic safety measures for you and your team. 


Due to learning and support we have a limit on this part of 16 delegates max.